Robin van Persie offers advice to £300,000-a-week Man Utd midfielder

Ex-Red Devils centre-forward Robin van Persie has offered some advice to Man United playmaker Paul Pogba after a tough campaign at Theatre of Dreams. France international has never quite got going as a Red Devils footballer, and it’s been even more of a challenge for him this campaign due to missing so much of the season through injury.

This has allowed other stories about Paul to dominate the headlines, and Robin says he can sympathise as he also had trouble with injuries for much of his career. Still, van Persie believes Pogba now needs to come out and make it a bit clearer how he’s feeling and what he wants from life at Old Trafford.

“It’s tough. With Pogba, it’s an interesting situation,” Robin said. “Pogba, in my opinion, is a top-class player, he has proven it over the years. He has it all. “But first, I think with him, and that’s after a couple of years now, I think he should come out, and he should say what his favourite position is.

If that’s done, then people can judge him based on this position. Now, I don’t think people know if he’s a six if he’s a number 10… that’s a big difference.” One imagines Man United fans would appreciate this from the 26-year-old playmaker, who often looks to let his outspoken agent Mino Raiola do too much of the talking on his behalf.

It stays to be seen how much longer the French midfielder will be at the club, but it does look worth doing something to at least put the distracting speculation to bed.