Man United closely monitoring No.10 Premier League winger

Man United tend to drag out their transfer business in the hope that the selling team will eventually cave and accept a few million less for a footballer, but it doesn’t always work out that way.

Aston Villa winger Jack Grealish has been linked with the Red Devils on a regular basis since the summer, while he’s improved again this campaign and he does look like he could be a difference-maker at the highest level.

The problem for the Red Devils comes with the possible transfer fee if they do want to get England international, but a report has indicated that they would’ve saved as much as £50m if they acted early.

They confirm that he signed a new long-term contract with Aston Villa and they don’t look like relegation candidates so there’s no desperate need to sell, so they want £90m to let him go or the deal won’t be happening.

That’s quite the contrast to last summer where it’s suggested that he could’ve gone for £40m if the Red Devils had acted early, so this is the one example of where waiting around hasn’t happened.

Chelsea are the prime example of a team that went out and got some of their business done early Timo Werner and Ziyech were signed before the campaign was over, so they got ahead of the contest and saved any complications later on.

Red Devils just don’t operate like that and perhaps they did save money by dragging out deals for the likes of Alex Telles and Bruno Fernandes, but it hasn’t paid off here.